2016 U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship Volunteer Program

Rolling Green Golf Club will have the distinct honor of hosting the 116th U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship, August 1 – 7, 2016. We are certain that this historic event will prove to be a memorable and enjoyable experience for the golf fans in the Delaware Valley.

The Club would be unable to host this event without the help of a dedicated volunteer contingent. Volunteer recruitment will launch in the spring – updates will be on this site once the schedule for registration is finalized. Anyone over the age of 13 may register to volunteer.

Descriptions of the volunteer positions available at the championship are listed below. When registering, you will have the opportunity to select your volunteer position. Volunteer positions will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so please register early. Volunteers will be trained in advance of the event in the duties of their selected position. The $55 volunteer package will include the volunteer uniform (two Adidas shirts, a golf cap and a drawstring knapsack), breakfast or lunch during any shift, and access to the on-site volunteer headquarters facility.

Thank you for your interest in the championship! We look forward to seeing you at the club next summer and appreciate your support of the event!


MARSHALS will direct the gallery, help with spectator safety and assist players in locating their shots. Walking Scorers will be responsible for keeping the players' unofficial stroke-play scores or the status of the match and communicating the information after each hole via electronic handheld device.

SCOREBOARD AND STATUS BOARD VOLUNTEERS will work with the Official Scorer in displaying all hole-by-hole scores on the match scoreboard or display the status of the matches on scoreboard-like structures around the golf course.

PRACTICE RANGE VOLUNTEERS will assist players on the range, display name signs, etc.

DISABLED SPECTATOR SERVICES VOLUNTEERS will provide shuttle service transporting special-needs spectators to and from predetermined viewing locations on the golf course. Volunteer must have a valid driver's license.

TEE REFRESHMENTS VOLUNTEERS will transport water, sports drinks, ice and snacks from the clubhouse to coolers located on each tee and will continually check the coolers throughout the day. Tee refreshments volunteers must be comfortable operating a golf cart on the golf course, have a significant understanding of the game of golf and able to lift 40 lbs.

ACCESS CONTROL VOLUNTEERS will act as greeters welcoming guests at locations around the Club grounds and also check championship credentials to ensure that only guests with proper credentials are able to access restricted areas. GREETERS will staff an on-site information desk, greet spectators as they enter the championship grounds, distribute championship pairing guides and answer spectator questions.

REGISTRATION VOLUNTEERS will welcome players to the club when they arrive and guide them in the completion of the registration process, by staffing specific registration stations, and lead them on tours of the clubhouse and locker room.

VOLUNTEER SERVICES VOLUNTEERS will staff the Volunteer HQ and will welcome volunteers and check them in for their shifts, oversee radio distribution, communicate volunteer position holes/no shows to committee chairs, etc.

LOCKER ROOM VOLUNTEERS will oversee the players’ locker room throughout the championship and work with clubhouse staff to ensure snacks, drinks and other supplies are always available, as well as assist players with any other requests.

JUNIOR VOLUNTEER POSITIONS  – The following roles are great for juniors and we hope to utilize volunteers 16 years-of-age and younger for them.

STANDARD BEARERS will walk with each match and carry a sign displaying the status of it.

SCORECARD RUNNERS will take the official championship scorecards after they are signed at the #9 and #18 scorers’ tents and deliver them to the scoreboard for confirmation and then to the USGA Scoring Office. During match play, they will only take the cards from the scoreboard to the USGA Scoring Office.

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2016 U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship
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